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Below you can find more information about the Web Application module


EASoft Web Applications give Agents/Brokers, employees and even Customers the possibility to achieve many tasks and duties through the power of the web without being bound by physical space and being always connected to the main frame system through our collection of loosely coupled modules available on the web. From issuing of policies to filing claims and following up on different statuses in the system; EASoft Web Applications provide the best Web Portal Solution to stay in touch and involved from anywhere with a secure access.

Key Features & Advantages

A wide Range of Features and benefits makes this web portal most suitable to keep up with the fast growing insurance business:

      1. Features
        • Flexible & Scalable
        • Easy to Use
        • Easy to Learn
        • Secured and specific access for users
        • Friendly & Familiar User Interfaces
        • Ability to communicate with any other web portal of any insurance company (Upon Request)
        • Fully integrated with the Back office (Upon Request)
      2. Advantages
        • Increased security by role based access to the portal content
        • Increased business growth for the insurer through quality support provided by the portal
        • Increased sales through an additional sales channel
        • Reduced complexity of business processes for agents/producers
        • Greater user satisfaction and retention through enhanced service capabilities; improved productivity with easier access to information; and superior customer service
        • Reduced cost due to the introduction of selfservice capability

Covering all needs

with its multiple Sections, EASoft Web portal helps your team to achieve more in a work’s day, by providing them with supporting tools needed to complete their jobs wherever they are.

      1. Borkers Section
        This section will allow the company producers to carry out different tasks in real time without the need to back to the company offices therefore maximizing their work time usage and minimizing effort loss:
        • Access and review their complete portfolio
        • Handle Quotations
        • Small group business
        • Issuance of New Policies
        • Renewal requests
        • Submit and follow-up on claims
        • Set alerts
        • View statistical reports
        • View financial statement
        • Etc…
      2. Company Section
        Company officials will always be updated online with the multitude of real-time reporting provided by the web portal. Management will have the possibility to fine tune many settings necessary top the proper workflow of business and to ensure compliance with existing laws and regulations (Categories, plans, clauses, tariffs, taxes, wordings, access controls, logs etc…)
      3. Employees Section
        Company employees with the necessary permissions will have access to specific features in order to search, retrieve, manage and follow-up on company provided information on the web portal.

Involving Customers

Customers will have an active part in handling their policies and will have the freedom to decide on specific areas of their policies, promoting a sense of involvement and participation amongst your client base and therefore increasing your client retention rate probability

      1. Corporate Clients Section
        Corporate clients will be able to take charge of their relative policies by having the ability to perform a multitude of tasks from their own offices without the need to refer to the head office.
        • Issue New Policies
        • Modify / Cancel endorsements
        • Handle claims
        • Set alerts
        • Handle Quotation requests/Policies
        • Preview statistical reports
        • Preview statement of account
        • Online payment
        • Etc…
      2. Personal Clients Section
        Clients and Prospects are able to benefit from this module by having control over multiple aspects of their policy or quotation:
        • Prospects will be able to:
          • register online
          • view the different plans available
          • submit quotation requests
          • follow-up
        • Existing clients will be able to login to:
          • Check their own policies
          • Request renewals, modification, cancelation…
          • submit and follow-up on claims
          • View a wide range of reports
          • Set alerts
          • View statement of account
          • Online payment
          • Participate in online customer surveys
          • Etc…
      3. Complaints/Ticketing Section
        This module will have a major impact In the ongoing effort to retain company clients by providing them the necessary tools so they can express their opinions and submit their enquiries or complaints to the respective staff within the company
        • Clients will be able to submit – review – modify and close their tickets\complaints
        • Administration will have the possibility to monitor the proper workflow by having many tools available at their disposal
        • Employees will be able to promptly and accurately respond to the clients with the help of dynamic notifications and extensive set of Complaints/Ticketing handling tools provided by the system
      4. Online Insurance Activities Regulation
        All Activities performed be our Web applications conform to the Online Insurance Activities Regulation specified by SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency)