Insurance - Underwriting /

Below you can find more information about the underwriting module


The Underwriting module manages and covers all the operations in the life of the policy and endorsement in direct or indirect business. The system is very flexible and based on a modular architecture; it allows the user to add new insurance categories or to modify their parameters (charges, taxes, stamps, etc...) as well as their coverage and standard clauses.

Third Parties

The system allows managing all the parties involved in day to day operations of the company: customers, various insurance companies, sales force, etc.

      1. Customers/Addresses
      2. Insurance Companies
      3. Brokers / Producers


the system includes a structured Products hierarchy that includes Categories (Class of Business) and underlying Sub- Categories (Products)

      1. Categories or Class of Business
        Motor, Property, Burglary, Marine, Medical, etc…
      2. Sub-Categories or Products
        Motor all risks, Motor third party liability, Cargo, Cargo CMR, Yacht all Risk, School Liability, etc…
      3. Supporting Features
        • Clauses by class of business in English and Arabic
        • Covers
        • Deductibles
        • Exclusions
        • Product Specs:
          Property, Motor, CMR, Marine, School, Yacht, Travel, Expatriate, Personal accident, etc…
        • Tariff Definition:
          Ability to create as much tariffs as it is needed. Ability to have in each tariff one or more subcategories, predefined clauses, covers, deductibles, exclusions. The premium calculation is based on insured interest, covers or specs.
        • Ability to duplicate an existing tariff.


The system allows managing the quotations, it is fully integrated with the underwriting module, and issued quotations can be transferred to policies without re-entry of data.


The system allows creating new policies from scratch or based on existing offer. Ability to create policies based on predefined or customized products.

Reporting/ Queries

The main Reports of the system are the following:

      • Detailed underwriting transactions
      • Underwriting transactions (SUMMARY)
      • Underwriting Register
      • Underwriting Register (OFFICIAL)
      • Production Report
      • Commissions by Broker
      • Exceptional commissions list
      • Due dates (Renewal list)
      • Policies not renewed
      • Invoices to be collected
      • Credit Card Due Dates
      • Direct Debit Mandate list
      • Premium settlement statement
The main queries of the system are the following
      • Production Report
      • Collection / Policy
      • Collection/ Policy (Hospital)
      • Policies / Insured
      • Policies And Endorsement / Insured
      • Policies / Broker
      • Endorsement / Policy
      • Search Policies

Collections and Payments

Managing the collections by broker/producer/insured in a simple and easy way.