Insurance - Statistics /

Below you can find more information about the Statistics module


The principal role of this module is to provide organized and comprehensible information to support the decision making process at various levels of management.

      • Premium / commissions / claims / Loss Ratios by

            • Policy
            • Insured
            • Broker/Agent
            • Category
            • Sub Category
            • Etc…


      • Profitability of a Broker / Agent
      • Profitability of a Category
      • Comparative analysis of production volume
      • Issued premiums, earned premiums
      • Provisions for current risks
      • Provisions for pending claims
      • IBNR
      • Various comparative analysis
      • Detection of cumul (fire… whenever possible)
      • Risk Profile / Cession Profile
      • Cresta / Earthquake / Storm, tempest, Flood
      • Medical Statistics (premium & Claims) by age bracket, by gender, etc.
      • Etc…

Moreover, the software is developed in a relational database, beside the standard reports foreseen, all complementary statistics are produced easily.