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The Underwriting module manages and covers all the operations in the life of the policy and endorsement in direct or indirect business. The system is very flexible and based on a modular architecture; it allows the user to add new insurance categories or to modify their parameters (charges, taxes, stamps, etc...) as well as their coverage and standard clauses.

Enhance productivity

Wider access to data and functionality and a streamlined user experience help your people get started right away and work more productively.

      1. Internet Facing Development
        EASoft CRM gives you an easier, faster way to access your data over the Internet with Internet-Facing Deployments
      2. Smart Search
        The main functions are the following: Smart Search makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Search results will automatically display if an exact match is found. Relevant options are also displayed on partial matches when you type so you can easily select the relevant item.
      3. Most Recently Used Entries List
        Users can view their recently used entries for tracking from their workplace, making it much easier to manage communications
      4. E-mail Smart Matching
        In addition to a full fledged E-mailing system; E-mail smart matching evaluates your incoming messages and automatically matches them with the appropriate CRM Entry
      5. Web Mail Merge
        New and enhanced tools make it easier for users to manage and create mail merges.
      6. Presence Visibility
        Users can now see who is online or offline, free or busy, and launch a Communication session without leaving EASoft CRM
      7. Campaign Automation
        Campaigns are streamlined in EASoft CRM so that users can create, launch, and complete campaigns more quickly and with fewer clicks. When a user creates a campaign, they can send campaign e-mail messages and close campaign activities automatically
      8. Resource center
        EASoft CRM provides a flexible approach to information sharing with the new Resource Center, a Web-based Library for creating and sharing CRM information and best practices between Colleagues.

Report with ease

Improved reporting tools built for end users help people make better use of CRM data without the assistance of the IT department.

      1. Reporting Wizard
        Scheduled and recurring reports provide snapshots of the customer information as it evolves
      2. Integrated Reporting Access Model
        Reports are entities and are managed and administered with the same security roles and rules as other entities in the CRM system
      3. Advanced Find
        By building on data from anywhere in the CRM system, users can quickly create multiple views from information across multiple areas
      4. Activity Reporting
        EASoft CRM now includes pre-built activity reporting that can be filtered for specific cases, opportunities, CRM users, and activity types
      5. Scheduled Reporting
        Scheduled and recurring reports provide snapshots of the customer information as it evolves

Align business and technology

A highly flexible platform means that you can more easily implement EASoft CRM in a way that fits your business.
Advanced Entity relationship Modeling
More flexible entity relationships in EASoft CRM enable businesses to more accurately and easily model their business. EASoft CRM supports many-to-many relationships out of the box. In addition, the application provides support for self-referential relationship hierarchies, for example, where a holding may have many companies related to it.

Effectively manage CRM

Monitoring and diagnostic tools give you greater visibility into how the CRM system is functioning so you can identify and resolve issues before they become critical.

Manage data intelligently

Data management capabilities empower people to import data rapidly while helping to preserve the integrity and accuracy of your CRM database.

      1. Data Import Wizard
        An easy-to-use wizard puts users in control of their own data, and they can get important leads and other data into the system quickly and seamlessly
      2. Duplicate Detection
        Automatic duplicate detection alerts users when data is added to the CRM system, including during manual entry and bulk import
      3. Reusable Data Import Maps
        To improve data quality, the new Data Migration Wizard provides built-in data maps for common scenarios, enforces required fields on data imports, and allows you to save data maps for reuse later
      4. Data Import validation

Improve management efficiency

Centralized management tools help IT staff work more efficiently so they can concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Deliver on availability, performance, and scalability requirements

EASoft CRM provides availability, performance, and scalability to meet the requirements of any organization.

Quickly develop, innovate, and deploy:

Our developers are always ready for architectural enhancements to help you innovate on your CRM platform quickly and efficiently so you can maintain your unique competitive advantage.