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Below you can find more information about the Bancassurance module


The Bancassurance model is the partnership between a bank and an insurance company whereby the insurance company uses the bank sales channel in order to sell insurance products. EASoft Bancassurance Application is web based application (internet or intranet) which allows the staff and tellers to work directly on the broker or insurance company server. This will allow an easier communication between the bank and the broker or the insurance company and the real time update of the database of the broker or the insurance company. The Bancassurance Application includes a central core common to all insurance products (motor, medical, etc.) to which we can add the various insurance products according to customer needs.

The main functions of the Application are the following

The system allows managing all the parties involved in day to day operations of the company: customers, various insurance companies, sales force, etc.

      1. Security and user Profiles Management
        The Bancassurance Application is designed in a way to give full security at different levels:
        • Access to the Application
        • Access to the different functions of the Application
        • Access to the database
        • Log File to trace all the modifications done on the system
        • Data integration between the different modules and between the Bancassurance Application and the core system
        • Insurance products
      2. Central Core Module
        The main functions are the following:
        • Alert Page, it is the main page of the application; it displays all the pending tasks
        • Query Screen on proposals, policies by name, by date, etc.
        • Communication with the bank
        • Statistics & Charts
        • Communication with the back office of the broker/insurance company on real time basis to ask underwriting validation (if any : Ex, Life insurance when the sum insured exceed the authorized amount)
        • Account Holder modification for issued policies
        • Unpaid policies
        • Follow-up
      3. Insurance Product
        • Proposal issuing (life)
        • Policy issuing
        • Policy printing
        • Automatic and real time integration with the back office
        • Integration with the insurance company